Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tiger Club S/T

New discovery!!! Baxter Robertson and his Tiger Club have scored a big one here. I feel transported back to a time when music was more fun and catchy and made you feel good. Traces of Herb Alpert, Junior Walker, Dick Dale and Brooker T and The MG's just make this a wailin’ blast. Of course, this album is more than all these influences and has its own unique character as well, the tunes sound somehow familiar like they should have been around in the 60's and somehow modern. Cool beans. Horn dominated loungy rock instros. Great for rainy days, partys and driving.

Trust me on this one –one blast through the ol’player and you will be hooked. Satisfaction guaranteed or triple your money back.

1 Trash Talkin' 2 Hey Diddle Diddle 3 Starlet 4 Karamel Korn 5 Rengstorff Road 6 Shakedown 7 Requiem for Ranger Bob 8 Meet Me in Warsaw 9 Tube Top 10 Boo's Ballad 11 Simple Boy 12 Junior's Walk 13 Bossa Deliciosa 14 Manresa Ripper 15 North Beach Nocturne


1 comment:

Corganoid said...

Wow! What a great album! I must have listened to this 20 times in the past week. Thank you so much for this.

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