Saturday, March 14, 2009

Verve Remixed V1

The idea of taking a "classic" track and updating it for club consumption isn't new and the road to success is littered with the burnt-out wrecks of failure. But when it works, as it does on most of the tracks here, the results can be quite magical. So, what makes it work?
The quality of the original (unmixed) tracks is superb. Great songs to begin with. 2) The remixes do great justice to the original songs and performers. There's a great deal of respect to these legendary performers and their voices in the remixes. 3) The quality of these remixes is outstanding.
Well, in the case of Richard Dorfmeister's stunning interpretation of Willie Bobo's "Spanish Grease" it's understanding why the original is so infectious and then overlaying & seriously extending these elements with the very best of electronica/dance to make it... much better. Or in the case of Thievery Corporation's total rework of Astrud Gilberto's "Who Needs Forever?" its taking a couple of phrases from the song that capture the atmosphere & essence of the artist and using them to produce something that, while it bears little relation to the original, becomes one of the very best Astrud Gilberto tracks you'll ever hear.

BUT BEWARE, the sound is not jazz (maybe nu-jazz or electro-jazz, but not jazz). It is definitely sexy, groovy, funky, retro-cool, classy electronic music with touches of jazz. Perfect for any situation. Pre-party warm-up at home, martini-drinking at a nice lounge, people-watching at or maybe simply at home working on your laptop.

Clever & brilliantly effective, the whole album is stuffed full of similarly impressive remixes by some of the best club artists around and, if you like this sort of thing, it's an absolute "must". Once it gets its hooks into you it's pretty impossible to put down.This is sooo good, it's gonna make you feel hip, cool, and sexy...But all that BS aside, the track selection, remixes, and overall production quality make of this album a TRUE GEM. Go get it. Check below for the original versions for extra goodness - yes, those are true jazz for the purists.

1. Spanish Grease [Dorfmeister Con Madrid de Los Austrias Muga Reserv] - Willie Bobo 2. How Long Has This Been Going On? [MJ Cole Remix] - Carmen McRae 3. Who Needs Forever? [Thievery Corporation Remix] - Astrud Gilberto 4. Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby? [Rae & Christian Remix] - Dinah Washington 5. Feeling Good [Joe Clausell Remix] - Nina Simone 6. Return to Paradise [Mark de Clive-Lowe Remix] - Shirley Horn 7. Wait Till You See Him [De-Phazz Remix] - Ella Fitzgerald 8. Don't Explain [dZihan & Kamien Remix] - Billie Holiday 9. See-Line Woman [Masters at Work Remix] - Nina Simone 10. Summertime [UFO Remix] - Sarah Vaughan 11. Strange Fruit [Tricky Remix] - Billie Holiday 12. Hare Krishna [King Britt Funke Mix] - Tony Scott



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