Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weisstraunauts - Instro-tainment

If there is such a thing as a forward-thinking surf band, the Weisstronauts from Boston are it. Avoiding the purism that makes so many instrumental retro-fetishists seem redundant, the Weisstronauts combine vintage surf and Nashville chicken-pickin with cartoon zaniness and spaghetti Western intrigue. They often recall NRBQ's offbeat musical humor as much as Link Wray's reverb-drenched Tarantino fodder. --Jack Silverman, Nashville Scene

Instro-tainment is the fifth album from this quintessential Boston five-piece. Featuring three guitarists, just like the Outlaws, and utilizing the same type of bassist-and-drummer rhythm section configuration made famous by the Beatles and the John Coltrane Quartet, the Weisstronauts are the cat's pajamas. With influences ranging from spaghetti western & spy movie soundtracks to space rock, surf, twang and more, the Weisstronauts steadfastly refuse the sort of genre-pigeon-holing one finds in artists like Motley Crue or John Phillip Sousa, preferring instead to follow their singular muse wherever it may take them, much like their heroes, the London Symphony Orchestra. For living proof, listen to their entire catalogue right here in the archives. This one has more C&W influences than the last ones so enjoy the musicianship and great playing – this is not true surf, excellent rock instros. Hey, even a cover of a Monkee’s tune. Great stuff for the musically adventurous.

1. Fisticuffs 2. Seven X's 3. Caixa dos Moluscos 4. Truck Drivin' 5. Chicky 6. Get it Together 7. Modsavasana 8. What Goes On? 9. Banana Suit 10. Jet Pack 11. Pleasant Valley Sunday 12. Surf's Down 13. Sir Wacky 14. Back Porch


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