Saturday, March 7, 2009

Metrolites – For The People

From the first Russian inspired harmonies of KGB vs. UFO to the final sounds of fascist dictator speeches across the radio dial (For the People), you know you're in for a treat. The album combines hard driving rock-n-roll with surf, lounge, 60's sci fi, and spaghetti western sounds for an inventive and fun listen with an anti-government/protest theme. Very current. The sound is often sultry and seductive with a bit of whimsy. A catchy tune with brilliant interplay of counter melodies and harmonies is the standard throughout. The contrast of the rich baritone voice with the thin tenor is featured on several songs. When listening one must ask: "Do they serve martinis on the planet of the apes? And if so, can I have my shaken not stirred?" Just like Four Piece Suit (see archives), their influences range from straight up rock and roll, to spaghetti western, to Tin Pan Alley. Watch out for the sultry bump and grind saxophone of Agent Orange and the hard driving guitar of Diabolik Kriminal. Listening to this will have you humming the melodies and tapping your toes while mixing the perfect ratio of vermouth to gin. Also check out their first one – In Spy-Fi - in the archives- for a double dose of spiffiness. Crank up those cocktail shakers and let loose.

UFO vs. KGB 2. K is for Kafka 3. Welcome to the Police State 4. Cocktails on the Planet of the Apes 5. Banana Republique 6. Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Spy 7. Old Fascist Gal 8. Chunky Macapuno 9. High School Friends 10. All Giant Monsters Attack Tokyo 11. Marsupial Legal Proceeding 12. Giant Hula Monster 13. Agent Orange Gets His Groove Back 14. Diabolik Kriminal 15. For The People


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Brandonio! said...

You had me at Four Piece Suit!You say there is another album by these cats in the archives!I'm on the case Jack!

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