Friday, February 8, 2008

The Weisstronauts -- Spritely

Spritely...what a appropriate title. This album is truly "Spritely," in its spunk rock style. It combines a delightful medley of old style country twang with a serious punch of rock. If you like your music upbeat and instrumental, give this a try. There's a ton of crisp, melodic guitar work that just screams wide-body electric. Although clearly of one mind, the record has really nice variety that cuts across a bunch of instrumental styles. Some southwestern, others 60's lounge, and all sounding great. The tunes share an optimism at music and the world in general that I wish we could hear more of these days. Nary a suicide bomber in sight for any of it. You can picture the players smiling the entire time this was being cut. Lots of good, clean all-American energy here. If you like the Friends of Dean Martinez (see archives) but wish they would cheer up once in a while, this is the band for you.

Classy 2. Fruity 3. Dr. Sanchez (I Presume) 4. Tawdry 5. Leafy 6. Spritely 7. Theme from Jack Coke 8. Cha Cha Ho 9. Cranky 10. Hot Dog City 11. Sketches of Andy Pastore 12. Sunsetty 13. Jazzy 14. Space Jaunty 15. Keep Goin'


brandonio said...

Daboss, I'm listening to this album right now and i must say this band is VERY impressive. Lot's of imagination and cool effects. I like Alot.Pat yourself on the back my friend you discovered a very cool band .They kinda have a Aqua Velvets sound to em'. I really like the gargling noise's in the song "Dr.Sanchez(i Presume)".

The said...

We wanted to thank you profusely for the kind words and support of our first three instrumental albums on your blog. Glad the word is getting out there and people seem to be responding.

We were a bit concerned about the CDs being posted for free download in their entirety and wanted to ask you two favors:

1. Would you please consider only posting a few songs from each album, thereby piquing people's interest, possibly resulting in them purchasing the album from us?


2. Would you please consider including a link to our website, where folks can learn more about us (including tour dates) and have a chance to purchase our albums (and thereby help us continue to do what we do.)?

Thanks again for your support and understanding.

Pete Weiss & the Weisstronauts

PS We do have a new album out now, called "Instro-tainment!"

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