Friday, February 15, 2008

Bikini World - Modern Surf Across the Planet

What more can you say about such a great album chock full of all these superb modern surf bands? Well for starters, it starts off with the Phantom Surfers which quickly reveals what listeners are in store for. Whether it be The Bomboras with Time Bomb, which is one of my favorites, or Fathomless by The Fathoms, this combo of bands are sure to enthrall casual listeners and true fans of surf music.

1. Sloth & Molasses - The Phantom Surfers
2. Aphrodesia - The Trashwoman
3. Tube City - The Untamed Youth
4. Rumors Of Surf - Southern Culture On The Skids 5. It's A Bikini World - The Boardwalkers 6. Surf's You Right - Laika & The Cosmonauts 7. The Hipster - The Royal Knightmares
8. Scalpin' Party - Jackie & The Cedrics 9. XKE! - The Boss Martians
10. Surfer's Deal - The Daytonas 11. Renegade - The Hillbilly Soul Surfers
12. Fathomless - The Fathoms 13. Calhoun Surf - Los Straightjackets
14. Time Bomb - The Bomboras 15. Chaeto - Sir Bald Diddley & His Honorable Right Big Wigs

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