Friday, February 8, 2008

Rock Don't Run Vol. 3 and 1

Big Thanks to my good friend Brandonio, he heard my plea for these two volumes of this great modern surf series and served them right up for all of us to chow down on.
Apologies on low rate on #3, he got it from someone else.

Eddie Angel (The Planet Rockers, Los Straitjackets, The Neanderthals) runs his own label, Spinout Records, and among their output are some of the coolest comps you'll find anywhere. These tend to feature songs available elsewhere, but that doesn't take away from the good taste he shows when putting them together. Most of the groups are well-known modern practitioners and a few, such as Laika and the Cosmonauts and Los Straightjackets have a sizeable cult following. The songs are excellent for the most part, and there is enough stylistic variation to avoid that sameness quality of all the bands performing the same genre. Surf bands are so versatile that they can all play the same song and it will stay exciting. If you like the Ventures, Duane Eddy, etc. but haven't listened to some of their modern disciples, then give this a try. You won't be disappointed. Nice collection. Way recommended.

Vol 1
1. Whatcha Say? - The Kaisers 2. Bikini Sunset - The Volcanos
3. Half Moon Bay - The Volcanos 4. University Blvd. - Lost Straitjackets
5. Morpheus - The Surf Kings 6. The Tower - The Surf Kings
7. Mr. Pan Ventures Out - The Panasonics 8. Bustin Suds - Thee Phantom 5ive
9. Hey - Thee Phantom 5ive 10. Floating - Laika and The Cosmonauts
11. Cerveza On Dee Mesa - The Fathoms 12. Rockabilly Surfer - The Fathoms
13. Topless Beach - Eddie Angel 14. The Maltese Martian - Dragula
15. Bruce Lee's Last Ride - Dragula 16. The Natives Are Restless - The Halibuts
17. Cool Hand Luke - The Astro Naughts 18. Surfin' Boar - The Astro Naughts


Vol 3

1. Overboard The Fathoms 2. Psychotronic The Insect Surfers
3. Island Uprising The Tiki Tones 4. Nitrous Peroxide Sir Bald Diddley & His Wig-Outs 5. Sack O' Woe The Omega Men 6. Shalako The Bent Scepters 7. Thunder Over Rincon 8. Solaris Stomp The Space Cossacks 9. F.U.J.I.M.O. The Untamed Youth 10. Lunar Luau The Huntington Cads 11. Lou Siffer Rocky Velvet 12. More Booze, Less Ice The Boss Martians
13. Betrayal The Ripsnorts 14. Devil's Punchbowl Satan's Pilgrims 15. Branded Los Straitjackets 16. Thar She Blows The Halibuts



labsenpai said...

On the RDR disc 1, tracks 11, 12, 13, & 18 do not play correctly for me. Can this be confirmed?

DaBoss said...

Downloades abd checked -- all files played perfectly on Music Match. Download it again and retry. Sorry.

brandonio said...

DaBoss are you still going to post my Austin Transit Authority?

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