Sunday, February 24, 2008

More Surf Legends and Rumors

More surfin' gems from 1961- 64. Some local hits, most unreleased. Enjoy.

1. Baja - The Astronauts
2. Bustin' Surfboards - The Tornadoes
3. Charge Of The Tornadoes - The Tornadoes
4. The Phantom Surfer - The Tornadoes
5. The Gremmie, Part 1 - The Tornadoes
6. Surfin' - The Beach Boys
7. Flashin' Red - The Esquires
8. What A Burn - The Esquires
9. Ticonderoga - The Ramblers
10. Mr. Moto - The Bel-airs 11. Little Brown Jug - The Bel-airs 12. Volcanic Action - The Bel-airs 13. Runaway - The Bel-airs 14. Fugitive - Alan Smith And The Fugitives
15. Double Barrel - The Furries 16. Super Surfer - The Surf-Buddies
17. Rendezvous Rods - The Pastel Six 18. Strange Ghost - The Pastel Six
19. Surfer Smootch - The Pastel Six 20. Bandito - The Pastel Six
21. It's Party Time - The Revels 22. Tough Soul - The Revels
23. One-Armed Bandit - The Nevegans 24. Russian Roulette - The Nevegans
25. Kopout - The Hustlers 26. Migrane - The Hustlers
27. I Can't Believe You're Really Mine - The Barracudas
28. Come Back To Me - The Barracudas




ADRIANA said...

thanks for everything

Paul of the Hustlers said...

I was the bass player for the Hustlers based out of Whittier CA.
Our main gig was a Saturday nite "Sock Hop"at Skat-O-Rama in Downey CA. For 2 bucks you got stompin music all night (like the Rendevous Ballroom in Newport Beach Dick Dale style) an a one hour show. Arlen Sanders, a Dj on KKRLA would anouce the guest performers like: Dick and Dee Dee,
April and Nino Tempo (brother and sister act, Nino Tempo was Bobby Darin's sax player), the Coasters (discovered by Johhny Otis as the Robins/"Smoky Joe's Cafe" that moved to the east coast----to become the Coasters, The Kingsmen (song of the year Louie Louie) written by Richard Berry ("Have Love Will Travel") in calypso style --"A fine little girl awaits for me, she's just a trip across the sea etc, as you can tell I can go on for all verses.....discovered by Johnny Otis and paired with Etta James for her first record "Dance with me Henry/The Wallflower". Johnny also wrote with Every Beat for My Heart in a bout 53 or 53 which was covered by Gladys Knight to be her first hit. Beach Boys, Rip cords etc.etc.

We recorded on Downey records, and paid Barry White for his first paying gig... $20 per session to arrange this simple tunes.
thems were the days
Paul Askier Olympia WA

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