Friday, February 8, 2008

The Weisstronauts -- Perky

The Weisstronauts always create original and adventurous music outside the normal bounds. This is another step in that journey. It's a very cool release. If you're looking for surf, this isn't it, but as rock instros go, Featuring Perky is a fine release. Phil Dirt

The Weisstronauts are masters of the space, twang, surf rock underground. Think of the Ventures playing acid rock versions of the incidental music from the Beverly Hillbillies.
Everything is upbeat in a slightly campy way and played full on as if they've assembled a lot of goofy musical cliches that they are committed to taking seriously. Fun stuff.

1. Thrifty 2. Berlining 3. Creosote 4. Fibonacci 5. I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself 6. Perky 7. Uncle Turtle / Johnny Drama 8. Serpentini
9. Jade Cow 2005 10. The Golden Egg 11. Odysseus Goes To America
12. Outskirts 13. Fajity 14. Pete’s Bucket 15. I’m Back / Ain’t No Go
16. Thrifty 2 17. Frozen Pipe Boogie 18. [untitled]





Xtabay said...

monkey see monkey make music -just the first chord of the first album convinced me to download all three albums and they're all great!

The said...

We wanted to thank you profusely for the kind words and support of our first three instrumental albums on your blog. Glad the word is getting out there and people seem to be responding.

We were a bit concerned about the CDs being posted for free download in their entirety and wanted to ask you two favors:

1. Would you please consider only posting a few songs from each album, thereby piquing people's interest, possibly resulting in them purchasing the album from us?


2. Would you please consider including a link to our website, where folks can learn more about us (including tour dates) and have a chance to purchase our albums (and thereby help us continue to do what we do.)?

Thanks again for your support and understanding.

Pete Weiss & the Weisstronauts

PS We do have a new album out now, called "Instro-tainment!"

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