Saturday, February 2, 2008

Organ-Ized - A Tribute to The Hammond B3

High Street/Windham Hill's Organ-Ized is nothing less than a salute to the classic Hammond B3 organ by some of the preeminent mainstream practitioners of the instrument in the late '90s. If you love the Hammond B3, you'll love this collection. A great sampling of various styles, each with it's own "twist". While this might not showcase the idiosyncrasies of the instrument, that's fine, because this delivers exactly what most Hammond diehards want — funky grooves and licks from the likes of Joey DeFrancesco, John Medeski, Art Neville, Michael Omartian, Jimmy Smith, Reuben Wilson, and Mike Weaver, among others. Some cuts cook more than others, but there are no duff tracks here — only Jack McDuff. For organ-heads looking for a little more of what they love, this is a good sampler to sample.

1. Ashley Blue - Joey DeFrancesco 2. Swamp Road - John Medeski
3. Micky Fick - Art Neville 4. Say Something - Michael Omartian
5. My Little Humidor - Galactic 6. There Will Never Be Another You - Jimmy Smith
7. Just A Little Bit - Mike Finnegan 8. Drop Shot - Ricky Peterson
9. I've Got To Find My Baby - Tommy Eyre 10. Moodbird - Larry Goldings
11. Yes Sir - Reuben Wilson 12. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy - Mick Weaver
13. Misty - Jack McDuff



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Ted said...

How about a re-up on this, please? Great blog by the way. Essential reading.

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