Saturday, February 2, 2008

Men From S.P.E.C.T.R.E. - The Living Eye

There's just something about the band name the Men from S.P.E.C.T.R.E. that puts listeners in mind of a fantasy collaboration between the Television Personalities circa Mummy Your Not Watching Me and Thee Milkshakes at the height of their garage-stomp powers. The exceedingly mod-trippy cover art only adds to the high expectations. It's a bit disappointing to report that in fact The Living Eye is nothing of the sort; on the other hand, what it is is in fact pretty cool. This German instrumental combo is all about the organ (note the title of their record label), and The Living Eye contains 11 tracks of funky Hammond organ rock with some soul-jazz and lite-psych tendencies. Rather than trying to recreate the 60's mod sound, the men are incorporating a more modern vision while staying true to the roots of the movement they further. Their songs are layered with multiple levels of sound, impeccable timing with sound effects that work with the music and don't stand out as cheap sonics, and the rhythms are both groovy and psychedelic at the same time. Plenty of mojo to go around. This album has good flow while each song is very polished and fluid in it's own right. No dead spots. Focus rotates around the band on most tracks and any of them could step into the soundtrack of a movie as there's lots of motion implied by the sound. Bonus points for song titles like "Purple Pill People" and "Electric Tiger Snake." Way groovy. Get shakin’.

1 Black Tank 2 The Luck of Teela Brown 3 Purple Pill People 4 The Living Eye 5 Apartment 23 6 Wild Driver 7 Mercury Wall 8 Electric Tiger Snake 9 The Robbery 10 White Russian 11 Astralk├Ârper




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