Sunday, February 24, 2008

Legends of the Guitar - Surf

Guitar Player Magazine and Rhino Records conspired to produce a five volume series of influential guitar tracks. This is the surf volume, and if there's a great cross section of classic surf, this is it! Nuff said. Phil Dirt
None of the 18 tracks, all released from 1962-65, were sizable hits; most, in fact, are rare regional singles known only to dedicated surf collectors. There are a few recognizable names: Dick Dale, the Chantays ("Pipeline"), The Ventures, the Surfaris, and Bobby Fuller, but even these selections steer clear of those acts' hits in favor of overlooked cuts. There are also some surprising lead guitarists: future Turtle Al Nichol (as part of The Crossfires), Randy Holden (one of the best obscure U.S. '60s guitarists)...and, most amazingly, Jim Messina playing on discs by early surf combos...essential tracks for building your surf skills.

1.A Run For Life Dick Dale 2.Surf Rider The Lively Ones3.Beyond The Chantays 4.Latin’ia The Sentinals5.Baja The Astronauts 6.Squad Car Eddie and the Showmen7.Tidal Wave The Challengers 8.Tally Ho! PJ and the Galaxies9.Diamond Head The Ventures 10.Soul Surfer Johnny Fortune11.Bombora The Surfaris 12.The Jester Jim Messina and his Jesters13.Gypsy Surfer The Avantis 14.Our Favorite Martian Bobby Fuller and the Frantics15.Bustin’ Surfboards The Tornadoes 16.Point Panic The Surfaris17.Mar Gya The Fender IV 18.Fiberglass Jungle The Crossfires



brandonio said...

AH! yes the album that started my whole surf obsession. A true classic. Lectible and I listened to this about ten times on our drive to California, back in 93. Oh the memories!

John Trashe said...

Yes i think like Brandonio, thanks this album i've started to know 60's surf band.

Is the best on surf comps

hotrodmike said...

This is a great compilation. Thanks!

Surf Rider said...

My friends and I take a trip to Lake George to go camping every year and this tape has always been in the tape player of the boat. It is the best. So good that when it broke this year, I took it apart and repaired it with duct tape. Go like hell, and Keep em Guessin!

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