Friday, February 15, 2008

The Moon Rays -- The Ghouls Go West

The Moon Rays were born of a concept brought on by the recording of the theme from WGN's Creature Features TV show. About 6 months later they were approached to do a full length cd by SVI/ Sound Imp Records. The decision then was to do a mixture of spy-surf with a Halloween overtone to it. Here is a great fun album of haunting melodies and hipster rhythms with a crazy bongo beat! Borrowing from the classic spooky surf records of the 1960's, it takes you way beyond. From windswept Boothill graveyards to a bongo party on Mars, then all the way back to "Thrillsville" baby. This is one for a stormy night, but don't listen alone. "Thrills and Chills" produced the song "1313 Mockingbird Lane" that has been featured in two films in 2004 -- "Dr. Horrors Erotic House of Idiots" and "American Scary". Excellent all the way through, check out the archives for their "Thrills and Chills" - it will do the same to you.

1. Fear 2. Blues For Vampira 3. The Ghouls Go West 4. The Grim Creeper 5. Dragula Go-Go! 6. Thrillville 7. Little Green Men 8. Dark Shadows (Exotique) 9. El Toro Gano 10. The Hanging Tree 11. La Valse Du Vampir



brandonio said...

cool ghouls! this will go perfectly with the "thrills and chills"album.I was wondering what this one sounded like.

Bitter Animator said...

This is easily one of my favourite albums. It has seen heavy play since I bought it based on just the cover alone some years ago. The more recent one (Sinister Surf or something like that) isn't as inspired but this one I adore.

Great choice of music here by the way, just stumbled across your blog.

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