Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tube - Atlantic Surf Essentials

Who'd a thunk it? A smattering of surf from the vaults of mega label Atlantic - not exactly known for it entry in the genre. Of course, the irony of it is NONE of these groups recorded anything beyond these singles/demos on Atlantic.
ranges from regular basics genre to excellent spy surf.
Highlights are the two cuts from the outstanding Fathoms and the Ray Corvair Trio (see archives).
Good to add to any surf collection.

1.Tube, The 2. Monkey Island - The Derangers 3. Impaler - The Derangers 4. Let Loose The Kraken - The Bald Guys 5. Fish Taco - Surficide 6. Severe Beach - Surficide 7. Missile, The - Tidal Wave 8. Incognito - The Fathoms 9. Cervesa On The Mesa - The Fathoms 10. Tut's Tomb - The Fliptones 11. Spy Who Couldn't Get Any Action - The Ray Corvair Trio 12. Theme From Ray - The Ray Corvair Trio 13. Revenge Of The Mole-Man - Speed Devils



ADRIANA said...

THANK for everything your blog is fabulous

DaBoss said...

I blush, thanks for the kind words.Please sperad the word and keep coming back for more goodies.

Trustar said...

Big Boss Man

Just got around to cracking this one open. Awsome stuff on it! Makes me want to kick myself for not getting to it earlier.

As always, thanks for sharing, my friend.


Sam said...

To set the record straight: This CD (Tube - Atlantic Surf Essentials) has nothing to do with Atlantic Records, who probably never released a surf record in their existence. This is a collection of East Coast (that is, Atlantic instead of Pacific) bands, some who appear on nothing else besides this compilation. The Fathoms started in the 1990's and as far as I know are still going strong. This disc was released in 1996 and all the songs on it were recorded around that time period. Nothing from the vaults. I just saw the comment about "from the vaults of Atlantic Records" and couldn't let it go...

Sam B.

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