Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rock Don't Run - Volume 2

Eddie Angel (The Planet Rockers, Los Straitjackets, The Neanderthals) runs his own label, Spinout Records, and among their output are some of the coolest comps you'll find anywhere. These tend to feature songs available elsewhere, but that doesn't take away from the good taste he shows when putting them together. Most of the groups are well-known modern surf/instro practitioners and a few, such as Laika and the Cosmonauts and Los Straightjackets have a sizeable cult following. The songs are excellent for the most part, and there is enough stylistic variation to avoid that sameness quality of all the bands performing the same genre. Surf bands are so versatile that they can all play the same song and it will stay exciting. If you like the Ventures, Duane Eddy, etc. but haven't listened to some of their modern disciples, then give this a try. You won't be disappointed. Nice collection. Way recommended. This is the only volume of the 3 I have. If anyone has the other 2, let me know. I’d like to do the whole set. Thanks.

1 Kawanga! Los Straitjackets 2 Sandoway Exotics 3 Gasser Exotics 4 Valley of the Kaisers Kaisers 5 Mondo Bondo Four Piece Suit 6 A Shot in the Dark Four Piece Suit
7 Hammerhead Halibuts 8 Under the Gun Mulchmen 9 Big Nasty Mulchmen
10 Pacifica Los Straightjackets 11 2000 LB. Werewolf Neanderthals
12 Fade Away Laika, Cosmonauts 13 Night of the Drunken Cheerleaders Penetrators
14 Melodie's Dilemma Penetrators 15 Summertime Summertime 16 Pan's Rock Panasonics 17 Rik-A-Tik Simon And The Bar Sinisters 18 Mongoose Boulevard Vibro Champs



brandonio said...

this is a amazing comp series that turn me on to so much cool music.Lot's of good memories listening to this.

brandonio said...

i can help out with Volume one.I'll email the link later tonite.

RYP said...

hey DaBoss,
this's looking fine! Just the thing for the weekend!

DaBoss said...

Thanks all for looking in. Thanks to Brandonio for serving the other two. Get them now and have fun in the sun all weekend with the whole set.I love completeness, yum. Cheers.

RYP said...

HA! Now my Sunday is saved too!

Thanks again Brandonoi n DaBoss!

cilekv said...

thanks for great music. link is dead, can you reupload.

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