Friday, February 15, 2008

Gary Hoey - Endless Summer 2

Gary Hoey Phillip Marshall Endless Summer 2

Grab your board, head for the coast, and get into the curl ! Excellent CD ... beats the you know what out of the stuff that's actually making the music charts. Give me this over THAT stuff anyday! I've got all the Hoey releases and enjoy each and every one of them. This can serve as a good introduction and something of a greatest hits. Classic covers like Linus and Lucy -- yes -- that one, to solid originals like Drive --this man is a genius. There may be better technicians playing the guitar today, but rarely does another guitarist write such consistently beautiful tunes. These are more than just vehicles for his solos. These are great songs (without words) that at times are emotional enough to speak to you. Even when he plays at full tilt he doesn't loose sight of the composition. The more I hear of this outstanding talent the more I love his stuff. Vai and Satriani never reach the emotion that Hoey reaches with his music. He rarely if ever plays for the sole purpose of impressing with his chops. His quiter moments bring tears to my eyes. Simply brilliant!! Enjoy.

1. Riptide 2. Blast 3. Sweet Water 4. Low Rider 5. Walkin' the Nose 6. Drive 7. Rosa Negra 8. Linus and Lucy 9. Surfdoggin' 10. Pipe 11. Shake 'N' Stomp (Pt. 2) - Dick Dale 12. Theme From the Endless Summer 13. Escape 14. Deep




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Marino said...

Excelente blog, um dos meus favoritos.

Gary Hoey - Endless Summer 2

O conteúdo dos arquivos .rar, não corresponde ao post

Abraços, Marino from Brasil

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