Friday, August 1, 2008

Waitiki - Charred Mammal Flesh

WAITIKI is a Boston-based band playing "Exotic Tiki Entertainment from Polynesia and Beyond" - like nobody else can! It’s modern "Exotica", a style of music that they loosely define as a mixture of jazz, Latin, and contemporary Asian sounds under a tropical umbrella. Exotica is sometimes referred to as "tiki", jungle tiki, lounge, or space-age-bachelor-pad too. WAITIKI is one of only a handful of bands performing live Exotica in the world.
WAITIKI decided to embrace the "space-age bachelor pad" sounds of the late great Juan Garcia Esquivel. Esquivel's knack for zany antics and wild instrumentation struck a dominant-7 chord with WAITIKI, who was already sacrificing live watermelons to the founder of lounge Exotica, Martin Denny. They do traditional Exotica hits, original compositions, and anything else which permits frequent use of bird-calls, the guiro (chi-yah chih chih chi-yah chih chih) or the melodica. Yummy fun.

1 Bwana, Bwana A 2. Cave of Uldo 3 Manila 4 Primativa 5 Satyritar
6 Fuzzy Mammoth Breath 7 Dew Drop Inn, If You Please, My Humming Flower
8 Plamingo Flagoda 9 Flower Humming
10 Merry Adventures of the Sleepy Space Kadet
11 March for Chief MauMau 12 Mr. Ho's Yummy Hut Yee-Haw
13 Pan-XOTIK-Da 14 China Fan 15 Sweet Pikake Serenade

deleted at band's request


paul said...

Thank You!!

Randy said...

Hi - I am from WAITIKI and would appreciate if you would please remove our album from your sharity/download site; the album is available for purchase from many online retailers, including and iTunes. Please contact me by email ( to confirm receipt and compliance of this message.

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