Saturday, August 30, 2008

Four Piece Suit -- On The Town

Thanks to Brandonio who served up this awesome sonic delight.

As heard in “SEX IN THE CITY” --- FourPiece Suit’s ON THE TOWN spins through surprising realms that only Four Piece Suit could navigate. By turns swinging, romantic, exotic, or downright wacky, be ready for a romp. The Four Piece Suit sound has often been called "cinematic", and this new collection goes further than ever in that direction. The Four Piece Suit highball is a mix of sea-foam soaked guitar and squalling tenor sax, shaken--not stirred--with Finnish surf tangos, Battista-Era mambos, Depression swing, Slavic hoe-downs, spaghetti Westerns, beach blanket boppers, spy music, crime jazz, and movie themes. Just the thing for audiences thirsty for a shot of rock'n'roll in their cocktail music, with a twist of romance. They continue to generate new sounds, pulling from different genres each and every song. What can often happen with instrumental bands is that all the songs start melting together into one LONG song - this never happens with Four Piece Suit. These Boston based musicians are total pro's and have created some of the most infectious pop rock instrumentals since Duane Eddy - I would even call some of it genius. Get all of their stuff for a full jazzy wig out.

1 Vindaloo 2 Lobology 3 Prowler 4 The Magnificent Four 5 Hot Oil 6 Dusting
7 Samba Familiar 8 Dave's Bossa 9 Redd's Funk 10 Shake & Bake
11 Vigoda 12 Do You Bossa Nova, Sophia? 13 Low Blow 14 Blue Texas
15 Castle Mood 16 Finally 17 Shooting The Breeze 18 Come Here Often?
19 Loungin The Blues 20 Get Up & Go



Xtabay said...

The only FPS album I aint got thanks, the spirit of Mancini et al lives on

[R][R][R] said...

A Great Album of Great Music in a Great Blog!
Thanxs Boss!

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