Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kenny Sasaki - Tiki Moon

Ken Sasaki, a long time composer/bassist for independent films and artists in the island of Japan, has found a heaven where Jazz, Reggae, Latin, Polynesian and Rock coexist, brought together by analog and futuristic means. This is one of those rare albums you will keep going back to time after time. It pleases lovers of all genres once they've reclined their seats to relax. Ideal for moods at dinner parties or kick back sessions after night falls. Also a fulfilling alternative for those who seek exotic travel but choose to stay home in the comfort of their cocoon. Fans of Waitiki will love this. Check out XTABAY (in links) for more amazing lounge and tiki sounds.

1 Enchanted 2 At the Tiki Bar 3 Fever 4 Tiki Diva 5 Owl 6 Snow On the Beach 7 Sweet Talk 8 Cat 9 Crescent Moon 10 The Way You Turn Me On



paul said...

Thank you for this one in particular (more please) and for this great bunch of albums to check out. Have a great weekend.
Cheers Paul.

house303 said...

Thank you!
This is a very mellow exotica album.
Very good!

Xtabay said...

You mention Waitiki in the same breath as this group and that's enough for me, thanks for the mention too.

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