Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pink Martini - Hang On Little Tomato

LABOR DAY postathon -- here is the beginning of a massive post to celebrate Fat City's first year in operation. Many ythanks to those who visit and comment and enjoy our fine, fine wares. Many more ready for next year . Enjoy this group of WAY KOOL loungerific post. More coming over the weekend as I get time.

Pink Martini should be known as the little orchestra that walks a fine line in its music. The Portland, Oregon, outfit is deeply influenced by Latin music, jazz, cabaret, cinema scores, and a smattering of other styles. But rather than simply aping legendary artists in their prime--and fooling only a few dim bulbs in the process--band shakes things up by writing its own material, or at least creating tasteful new arrangements that fit within the band’s unique post-lounge framework. The band keeps the playful musical vibe on Hang On Little Tomato, but jettisons what kitsch factor it had, choosing to focus wholly on original material or stuff that isn’t recognizable to the average music fan. It’s been a seven-year wait for fans since the band’s fun debut, Sympathique, and while the blush is now off the rose, the band’s creative ambitions and talent are never better displayed than here on their second effort. – Tad Hendrickson

Let's Never Stop Falling in Love 2. Anna (El Negro Zumbon) 3. Hang on Little Tomato 4. Gardens of Sampson & Beasley 5. Veronique 6. Dansez-Vous 7. Lilly 8. Autrefois 9. U Plavu Zoru 10. Clementine 11. Una Notte a Napoli 12. Kikuchiyo to Mohshimasu 13. Aspettami 14. Song of the Black Swan



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Damn! I'll have to hit the Best Buy sale for a few more terrabytes of hard drive space it he keeps this up all weekend!

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