Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Dionysus Records Empire Presents Music Supervisor's Best Friend: Dionysus Records / Hell Yeah / Bacchus Archives, Not Your Ordinary Music Labels!

A rare treat. DJ promo copy comp from Dionysus wit a little bit of everything! Surf, garage, exotica, and all out fun. Enjoy.

1.'It Came From Pier 13' by The Bomboras, 2. 'White Sands' by Frenchy, 3. 'Night Of The Tikis' by The Tiki Tones, 4. 'High Seas Drifter' by The Tiki Tones, 5. 'Death Valley Charge' by The Outsideinside, 6. 'Hot Foot' by The Boss Martians, 7. 'Best Little Girl' by the Boss Martins, 8. 'The Crossing Guard's Coffee Break' by The Boss Martians, 9. 'Bad And Beautiful' by Kirby Allen presents Chaino, 10. 'Bongo Serenade' by Kirby Allen presents Chaino, 11. 'Hot Water' by Big Sandy & The Fly Rite Trio, 12. 'Smile No More' by Thee Fourgiven, 13. 'Let's Talk About Girls' by The Grodes, 14. 'Where Lovers Go' by The Jaguars, 15. 'Moonshine' by The Surf Teens, 16. 'Ave 339' by Yard Trauma, 17. 'Sanity' by Yard Trauma, 18. 'Vicious Cycle' by Thorazine, 19. 'Amoeba' by Gorilla, 20. 'Happy Family' by Fearless Leader, 21. 'Sex House' by Hot Damn, 22. 'Chico Marx' by The Kabalas, 23. 'Dance Of The Virgins' by Karla Pundit, 24. 'Francis Farmer' by DJ Bonebreak / Skip Heller Quartet, 25. 'Afraid Of The Dark' (edit) by Harmless, 26. 'Song Of Forgetting' (edit) by Harmless, 27. 'Baklava' (edit) by The Outsideinside, 28. 'Six Point Six' by The Outsideinside

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Brandonio! said...

DaBoss, I'm having problems with the first and third link.They don't open properly is what I'm saying.

[R][R][R] said...

Great Music! But some files are damaged...
Surf Rules!

DaBoss said...

Will repost in different format - it works ok for me.

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