Monday, August 11, 2008

The King Dexter All Stars - Greatest Hits

COOL! That's how you describe a band that, according to the ORLANDO FREE STAR, "moves easily between the musical worlds of South American b-movies, New York jazz haunts, surf parties, New Orleans hoodoo havens, Mexican tourist traps, Jersey punk clubs, Miami prono flicks and dot com grip & grins". Whether they're playing rock'n'roll, jazz or lounge schmaltz, these cats are operating on "all-systems-GO". TOKYO TODAY called their concerts "a meeting of the Atomic Age, the Beat Age and the Digital Age".

"The King Dexter All-Stars is basically a 60's band," says King Dexter, "we never lost our early spirit and still try to put a touch of that bravado in everything we play". That statement holds true over the entire collection of 15 songs that showcase their talent for injecting psychedelic fun and a party attitude into rock, jazz and lounge music. Great spy fi.

1 Brujo de Loco 2 Third Floor Man 3 Johnny Pronto 4 Shark Tank 5 Tortuga 6 Knee Lock 7 8 Skyscraper 9 Casa de Denero 10 Blue Sidewalk 11 Crymia River 12 Calle Duro 13 The Big Bean 14 Miami AM 15 Spy Spy Girl



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