Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Supertones - Modern Surf Band Spotlight

Why would 15 bands from across the globe cover songs composed by The Supertones? Contrary to what you may think – this is NOT a tribute album. This album IS a showcase of some of today’s up and coming bands in the modern surf instrumental scene. It displays a slice of the vast talent of the surf instrumental phenomenon that has spread throughout the world and continued to grow unabated since the early 1960s. The concept behind this release is to strike a contrast between the bands’ interpretations of a body of modern surf music with the bands’ own original compositions. The songs and performances are a testimony to the quality of The Supertones’ music and the tremendous talent of today’s hot new surf bands. KILLER all the way ‘round.

1. Torque Wrench - The Nebulas
2. Fooling Around Playa del Rey - The Bitch Boys
3. Media Nocturne – VonRippers 4. Last Ride - The Cocktail Preachers 5. Side Slippin' - The Diamondheads 6. Dr. Yes - The Retroliners 7. Avanti - Monsters From Mars!
8. Flamenco Surf - The Sharkskins 9. The Wet Set - The Metalunas 10. The Sweet Ride – ZPS 11. Harbor Patrol - Estrume'n'tal 12. Ted's Twist - tsmf 13. Sand Pumper - The Brainwashers 14. Moonshot Part 3 - The Mighty Surf Lords 15. Wingnut - Bustin' Surfboards with Ralph Rebel 16. T-16 - The Nebulas 17. Did You Bring Your Brass Knuckles? - The Bitch Boys 18. 00 1/2 – VonRippers 19. Margarita Meltdown - The Cocktail Preachers 20. Dented Fender - The Diamondheads 21. Rumble In The Stratosphere 2002 - The Retroliners 22. Happy In A Cage - Monsters From Mars! 23. The Mild Bunch Rides Again - The Sharkskins 24. The Curse of Pier 13 - The Metalunas 25. Estampida – ZPS 26. Vacalgada - Estrume'n'tal 27. El Duelo de Chiuauas – tsmf 28. Bawunga Bob - The Brainwashers 29. Spanish Fly - Ralph Rebel




Brandonio! said...

Holy smokes Daboss man! I never knew this puppy existed.Damn I must be slippin'.I always considered the Supertones to be a cookie cutter surf instro band.The band just never seperated themselves from the pack with a unique sound.I have how found myself really liking several of the modern up'n'coming surf bands doing Supertones songs.Anyway I'm sure I'll like it. Thanks

By the way I have that Four Piece Suit CD coming in the mail tomorrow.Yee Haw!!!

DaBoss said...

Hey Brandonio:
Glad you liked it. The Supertones - there are actually 2 groups using the name -- this modern version is really pretty good with original stuff. They do a lot of covers, though, and I think that keeps them down. More on thir original stuff next week. Can't wait to hear the 4 Piece Suit. YUM!

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