Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mark Brodie & The Beaver Patrol - Live At the Shores of Hell

Brodie & co. do the genre justice in this reverb-soaked monster. Great (albeit a little too clean) cvr of the Illusion's "Jezebel", a true hall-of-famer in the ghostly "Phantom Wave", & a host of solid, traditional sounding tunes. Surf guitar like it's meant to be, old school & bitchin'!

Frogs Can't Surf 2. Jezebel 3. Scratch 4. Bitch Stole My Board 5. Death At Mile Zero 6. Wedgie 7. Day The Surf Stood Still 8. Spin Cycle 9. Banzai Rider 10. Scarlett O'hara 11. Theme From The Old West 12. Bad Hair Day 13. Suicide Ride 14. Meltdown 15. Phantom Wave 16. The Shores Of Hell


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