Monday, August 11, 2008

The Breakaways - Time Surfin'

The Breakaways are a traditional classic instrumental surf band. These Fender playin' guys have a knack for a softer brand of surf instrumental that is very attractive and very traditional, yet lush and round. Most of the arrangements are with lead guitar supported by two rhythm guitars, one dry chords and one damped and heavily reverbed, not unlike the Astronauts'. Time Surfin' is a fine CD of well done surf instros.

Review from

I must confess that my first choice of surf styles is traditional. I prefer its overall sound and feel much more than the modern styles. Maybe it's the equipment. Maybe it's the way it's played. Whatever the reason, it's my preference. Sad thing is, finding traditional surf music is very difficult these days. Let me rephrase that a bit ... finding good traditional surf music is very difficult these days. So, I consider the day I was asked to review The Breakaways Time Surfin' CD to be one of my luckiest. This is a really fantastic collection of classic style surf rock.

1 North Shore Rumble 2 Ride the Crest 3 Hotdoggin' 4 Waves of Change 5 Pray for Surf 6 No Surf 7 Journey to the Stars 8 Storm Surf 9 Baja 10 Diamond Head
11 Island of the Sea 12 Out of Limits 13 Shark Breath 14 Longboard Lesson
15 Penetration 16 Apache 17 The Curl's Revenge 18 The Crusher 19 Percussionator
20 Surfin' Sam




Trustar said...

Da Boss hits more out of the park!

Nice selection this week.


paul said...

Mr Boss, you and your readers may like 60's Instrumentals:

Thank you San Jose.
Cheers Paul

paul said...

Thank you! And thank you for Waitiki again. Do you, or anyone else, have any Tikiyaki Orchestra, Kenny Sasaki & The Tiki Boys or Fisherman - Vibraphonic Jungle Exotica And Lounge? Right up your street I think.

Cheers Paul.

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