Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pepe and the Bottle Blondes - Latenight Betty

Aight, if you are looking for interesting and fun music with a distictive Latin flair then this is the one to get. What a trip! Mad, bizarre, outrageous paired up with melodic, rhythmical, and enchanting. I'd classify their style as mellifluous hodgepodge. Bold improvisations on some familiar tunes and themes, plus plenty of inventive and original variations. Incredibly catchy, swirling, jiving music and lyrics. Nothing is held back, totally unrestrained. The music has the ability to make any room start jumpin’. Beyond that, tho, is the song selection shows the diversity and breadth of the musicians. One of the most fun (there's that word again) songs is Number 4. It sounds like an old-style swing song, except for the fact that the lead vocalist is singing in Chinese...really really bizzarro cool. There is also a really nifty keeno version of Sing Sing Sing. My personal favorite is Rumba de 5 Kilos. If you enjoy Pink Martini HINT HINT then this a must, the same quality but much more danceable. Pick up the Pink Martini (another group put together with Pepe Raphael) for a full on cabaret in the twilight zone experice. "Latenight Betty" is nothing short of a fiery, feisty, cathartic listening experience.

1. Rumba De 5 Kilos 2. L'oranguta 3. Cuentame Que Te Paso 4. I Want Some Lovin' 5. Joselito 6. Tarzacheando 7. El Vals De Tomas 8. Lo Dudo 9. Boom Boom 10. Quizas 11. Sing Sing Sing 12. Unnamed


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