Friday, January 11, 2008

Walter Wanderley - Talkin' Verve

You will recognize Wanderly's work instantly as it is the absolute core of the origin of the first generation, shopping mall-lounge music. It'll remind you of early, wacky, tounge n' cheek Woody Allen Films.

The organ music...OH MAN! It's KWWAZY! The syncopation will leave you swirling. Imagine a hopped up Grandma jammin’ away at the roller rink!
It is a fantastic mix of Jazz and brasilian elements with accent on syncopation at a point where entertainment is so high that it has rarely been reached again by western musicians after him. Sadly syncopation has never been explored enough by western musicians, I don't know why. He had syncopation, and an immense musicality. His interpretations of brasilian standards and pop favorities are crazy fun. No cool discography is good without Walter's music. I can't say more than this.

1. Popcorn 2. Agua De Beber 3. Amazonas
4. The Girl Form Impanema 5. Summer Samba 6. Blue Island
7. Taste Of Sadness 8. Crickets Sing For Ana Maria
9. Canto De Ossanha 10. A Different Beat 11. Call Me
12. Wave 13. Beach Samba 14. Music To Watch Girls By
15. Goodbye Sadness 16. Batucada Surgiu



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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the bossa nova boss!

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