Saturday, January 5, 2008

Space Age Pop 1 Melodies and Mischief

Long before labels--the music contained on this cd was definitely "out there." A boon to arrangers and players who thought there could be more in the creative experience. Like Sauter/Finnegan and other pioneers--much of this disc is quite simply ahead of its time. Ping pong effects and all. Head and shoulders above the Command Classics stuff. There are 3 volumes of these early RCA adventures--made for adventurous tastes and long before Capitol and the hordes gave it a category. Ultra lounge at some of it’s best.

1. Delicado - The Three Suns 2. Caravan
3. Little Black Box - Bob Thompson 4. Foolin' Around - Esquivel 5. Whispering - Henri René
6. 3rd Man Theme - John Klein, Sid Ramin 7. Sentimental Journey 8. Roller Coaster - Henri René & His Orchestra, April Stevens
9. Isle of Capri - Dennis Farnon 10. Springtime for Hitler - Henry Mancini
11. Scheherazade - Markko Polo Adventurers 12. Diga Diga Doo - Bob Thompson
13. Why Wait - Pérez Prado 14. Doll Dance - Russ Case 15. Smoke - The Three Suns
16. Powerhouse - Sid Bass



Gary said...

Hilarious! I was just searching for the cover to avoid scanning the CD booklet and voila.

DaBoss said...

glad you found it and us, hope you enjoed some of the other posts too. Come back and visit more often.

Reza said...

thanks for this ...what a nightmare mass mirror is nearly made me give up , ads pop ups aaagh

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freewave said...

shoot, has this died?

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