Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Avengers and other Top 60's T.V. Themes

Fun set with 60(!) themes from hit U.S. & U.K. TV shows of the '60s, all digitally remastered. A must for fansof lounge music, it includes numerous spy, detective & sci- fi themes, including 'The Avengers' (fans of the 1998 film starring Uma Thurman, Sean Connery & Ralph Fiennes need look no further for the original theme), 'Dr. Who', 'The Saint', 'The Fugitive', 'Perry Mason', 'Out Of This World', 'Peyton Place' & 'Thunderbirds'. The themes to the British shows are the original versions. Some of the others are rerecorded for this set. Purists might scoff, but, there is no other source for some the obscure British spy show themes. Extremely loungerific in most excellent quality recordings.

1. The Avengers - The Laurie Johnson Orchestra
2. A Man In A Suitcase - Ron Grainer & His Orchestra
3. Thunderbirds - The Barry Gray Orchestra
4. Dr. Who - Eric Winstone And His Orchestra
5. Old Ned (Theme From 'Steptoe & son) - Ron Grainer
6. Who Do You Think You Are Kidding... Mr. Hitler? (Dad's Army) - Bud Flanagan
7. Captain Scarlet - The Barry Gray Orchestra
8. Theme From Z-Cars - Johnny Keating & His Orchestra
9. The Saint - Cyril Stapleton & The Eliminators
10. Department S - The Cyril Stapleton Orchestra
11. Joe 90 - The Barry Gray Orchestra
12. Crossroads Theme - The Tony Hatch Orchestra
13. Lucky Stars (Theme From 'Thank Your Lucky Stars') - Peter Knight & The Nightriders
14. Light Flight (Theme From 'Take Three Girls') - Pentangle
15. Stingray - Gary Miller/Barry Gray Orchestra
16. High Wire (Theme From 'Danger Man') - The Bob Leaper Orchestra
17. The Champions - The Tony Hatch Orchestra
18. Hancock's Tune (From T.V. Show) - The Derek Scott Music
19. Forsyte Saga Theme - Cyril Stapleton, His Choir & Orchestra
20. On The Ball (World cup TV Theme) - John Schroeder Orchestra
21. The Power Game - The Cyril Stapleton Orchestra
22. A Little Suite (Theme From 'Dr. Finlay's Casebook') - The Les Reed Strings
23. Fireball (Theme From 'Fireball XL5') - The Flee-Rekkers
24. Maigret Theme - The Eagles
25. Out Of This World - The Tony Hatch Orchestra
26. No Hiding Place - The Laurie Johnson Orchestra
27. The Fugitive Theme - John Schroeder Orchestra
28. Theme From 'Who-Dun-It' - The Tony Hatch Orchestra
29. W. Somerset Maugham - The Cyril Stapleton Orchestra
30. Happy Joe (Theme From 'Comedy Playhouse') - Ron Grainer



1. Scarlett (Theme From 'Scarlett Hill') - Peter Knight Orchestra
2. How Soon (Theme From The Richard Boone Show) - Jackie Trent
3. The Willow Waltz (Tim Frazer's Theme) - The Tony Hatch Orchestra
4. Mr. Rose - Roy Budd Listen Listen
5. The Doctors - The Tony Hatch Orchestra
6. Theme From Sam Benedict - Johnny Keating & His Orchestra
7. Ben Casey - The Tony Hatch Orchestra
8. Sir Francis Drake - The Piccadilly Strings
9. Perry Mason - The Tony Hatch Orchestra
10. Our House - The Piccadilly Stings
11. Who Is Sylvia? - Charlie Drake
12. Latin Quarter (Theme From 'Riviera Police') - The Laurie Johnson Orchestra
13. Ghost Squad - The Tony Hatch Orchestra
14. Echo Four-Two - The Laurie Johnson Orchestra
15. Our Love Story (From TV Series 'Love Story') - Sounds Orchestral
16. Theme From 'Naked City' (Somewhere In The Night) - The Tony Hatch Orchestra
17. Sucu Sucu (From TV Series 'Top Secret') - The Laurie Johnson Orchestra
18. Casablanca (Theme From 'Crane') - Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen
19. Oliver Twist Theme - The Eagles
20. Carlos' Theme (From 'The Sentimental Agent') - Johnny Keating
21. The Spies Theme - Cyril Stapleton
22. The Deputy - Laurie Johnson Orchestra
23. Man Alive - The Tony Hatch Orchestra
24. Memories Of Summer (From TV Series 'Love Story') - The Tony Hatch Orchestra
25. Lunar Walk (Theme From 'Thank Your Lucky Stars') - Johnny Hawksworth Orchestra
26. West End (From 'Whicker's World') - The Laurie Johnson Orchestra
27. Three Live Wires - Bob Wallis & The Storyville Jazzmen
28. Quick Before They Catch Us - Paddy, Klaus & Gibson
29. That's Me Over Here (Ronnie Corbett's Theme) - Cyril Stapleton
30. Theme From 'Peyton Place' - Jack Dorsey Orchestra




Jimmy Jazz said...

I like the look of this collection a lot and would be very interested to give it a listen. Unfortunately, the links you have provided are no longer working. Do you think you could re-upload these recordings and provide some new links to access them, please? It would be much appreciated, if you would.
Many thanks,


Skip said...

I agree with jimmy

Ron said...


And I agree with Jimmy and Skip.

A re-upload if possible. This is great stuff!

Thanks in advance, Ron

carlos said...

Is there any chance you could upload just track

29. W. Somerset Maugham - Cyril Orchestra Stapleton

from CD1?

Ron said...


Would you be so kind to reup The Avengers.

It would be great!

Thanks, Ron

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