Friday, January 11, 2008

The Bomboras -- Organ Grinder

Organ Grinder was originally relaesed as a mini-album but the version here includes more than a handful of live tracks. The Bomboras are simply the best at their style of surf. Loungy organ, screaming guitar, intense bass lines and the unbelieveable rhythmic pounding of Dave Klein. So it's not deep or guaranteed to stir your soul, and that's not it's intended purpose. These cats wail, and they are very well balanced, each bombora puts on a show of his own. The recording is rough and wild, just like the group. Great frat surf here. Let it rip and play it loud.

1. Return Of The Death Ray 2. Take A Chance 3. Organ Grinder 4. She Kills Me 5. Riot City 6. Third Star To The Left
7. Ilene 8. Night Rider 9. Asphalt Eater
10. Last Call
11. Lord Hunt Surf Party 12. Moon Probe 13. Earthquake 14. Forbidden Planet



zak said...

If you like the Bomboras, you should check out the Treblemakers, a great Canadian surf/garage band with a prominent Farfisa organ sound and some fuzz guitar along with the reverb.

brandonio said...

And Zak would be from the Treblemakers yes? Your so totally busted dude. Zak Izbinsky folks out self promoting his band, shameless (yes) has a point good(yes). Zak dude no need to boost your band to me, your album "The Treblemakers versus The Doomsday Device"is a modern classic in my book.I believe i reviewed this particular album in a zine called "Noises From The Garage" back in the day. I have a, shall we say, a very memorable video taped moment between me and my ex-girlfriend with the Treblemakers playing in the background. Did I say too much, probably. Any way It's cool that you could stop by and and say hi.

(haha) I so busted you.

DaBoss said...

Way cool Brandonio, you naughty, naughty, boy! Thanks. Thought Zak sounded familiar but couldn't place him. "The Treblemakers versus The Doomsday Device" is a blast, it is the one by the Treblemakers I have. Well received here.

Thanks for stopping by Zak, hope you enjoyed your stay at the lounge and will come back. We always appreciate it when the music makers add their two or three cents worth, it adds to the flavors of style we have here.

Mr Misanthrope said...

The T-makers died in 2000 but are back again in a slightly different format. Probably won't be as satisfying to most surf fans but should appeal to fuzz-loving garage fiends. New record due out sometime in the summer or fall of 2008.

yo :D said...

Hola es que creo que ahi un error en el enlace ya que no pude realizar la descarga podrias arreglarlo ?? por favor

gracias :D

RobJam said...

Re-up please? :-)

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