Friday, January 11, 2008

Shark Quest -- Battle of the Loons

Blending beautiful guitar melodies with inspired beats and producing a sound that might be like "surf jazz", the band continues to impress. Each track in this album is long enough to enjoy the music, but short enough to hold the listener's interest until the next song plays. Musically, this album is quite diverse. Each track sounds like it could be coming from a different band. This album makes me wish I had synesthesia. I would be smelling roses, seeing a kaleidoscope of colors, and tasting gourmet cuisine. Many different soundscapes. I recommend for lovers of jazz or rock, for the album could easily be considered either one.

1. Blake Carrington 2. Kool's America 3. Baii 4. Ellen's Theme
5. Lunch At Sara's 6. Dead Turkey Gulch 7. Armadillotron
8. In A Dive 9. 5 Dollars


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ayst said...

could you reupload this please?

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