Friday, January 18, 2008

Music For a Bachelor's Den - Exotica (Rare)

This 14-track survey isn't the most extensive exotica compilation, and lacks the single-minded depth of those Martin Denny and Arthur Lyman anthologies. What it lacks in depth, however, it more than compensates for in breadth, especially as it's not limited to the back catalog of a single specific label. Cuts by some of the standard-bearers of the genre are here (Arthur Lyman, Les Baxter, Yma Sumac, the South Sea Serenaders), as well as more unexpected contributions from Duke Ellington and Percy Faith. The absence of Martin Denny due to contractual issues excludes this from the top of the field, but it's one of the better introductions to the strange world of exotica, with the expected more or less equal doses of kitsch and off-the-wall goofiness. It is the BEST recorded collection of exotica you will find. This is the direct to disc from the master tapes DCC version loving engineered by Steve Hoffman. This will come alive on a good system, the imaging is almost 3 dimensional even in this reduced format. Sit back, pour yourself a Zombie and go far far away to your happy place.

1 Taboo South Sea Serenaders
2 Song of India Irving Cottler
3 Ritual of the Torch Hunter, Frank & His Orchestra
4 Jungle Fantasy Percy Faith
5 Bonga Ellington, Duke
6 Poinciana Maxwell, Robert & His Orchestra
7 Sim Sim Lyman, Arthur Group
8 Salome's Veil Lester, Sonny And His Orchestra
9 Arab Dance Irving Cottler
10 Mountain High, Valley Low Ethel Azama
11 Ataypura (High Andes) Yma Sumac
12 Simba Baxter, Les And His Orchestra
13 Zimbah! Hunter, Frank & His Orchestra
14 Tahiti Sunrise South Sea Serenaders



ybkpublisher said...

For those of you interested in Yma Sumac, there is a newly published 300-page biography of her. It can be found on at

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paul said...

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Dahnkster said...

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Mr.fridaynight said...

A little late for digging that jewel.
I would be grateful as well for a second chance...

Dahnkster said...

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This is awesome exotica

Tony said...

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