Saturday, January 5, 2008

El Patapsco

El Patapsco play instrumental music influenced by surf, spaghetti westerns, rockabilly, and sixties garage.

Here's a recent review of one our shows from 4/1/06 at Otto's Shrunken Head in NYC (pasted in from Yahoo's NESMA group):

"Next up was a band up from Baltimore, just for our viewing pleasure and it was aural pleasure too. El Patapsco is a unique 5 piece ensemble. What I noticed was 3 unusual choices in instruments: lovely Becky on a Roland Organ, Marc on a hollow body Gibson, and Mike on a hollow body Rickenbacker. There wasn't much reverb from the guitars, the organ provided the reverb instead. This trio was backed up by the rock solid rhythm section of Ted on bass and Mark on drums. Many of the songs such as The Rattler, Huevos Sowebos had a spaghetti twang with an emphasized on good interplay between the guitars and organ. Yamanote Line had slower poppy sound, almost like a love song.” Very nice bowl of spagetti, with meat sauce.
1 Long Range Desert Group 2 Battery in My Side Yard 3 The Rattler
4 The Revenge of Wooly Doug 5 Check the Record6 Bulletproof Bully
7 Caravan 8 Yamanote Line 9 Gerry From Pikesville 10 Jolly Rancher
11 A Shot in the Dark 12 Western Grip

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1Surfrider said...

Knew they were from Balto from their title, looks very cool, thanks.

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