Friday, January 25, 2008

Six String Samurai -OST- Bryan Tyler, Red Elvises

Starting off with a blast (literally) of the apacolypse, the track "The United States of Russia" plays a slow chorus with a perfect guitar note, a combination that peforms what can only be called Badass Doom. It's a very short, unmelodic track that is wonderful for beginning. But it's not a song. The Red Elvises make that their prelude as they rip right into the soundtrack with surf guitar tracks. There are drums and the occasional vocal in the background, but the guitars deservedly steal the show. "Love Pipe" almost seems empty, but it's too much fun not to enjoy. The Red Elvises aren't alone on the soundtrack though. Brain Tyler scores sections as well, not very prominently at first, but he is there. "Mother's Hand/Buddy" gives a musicbox melody for The Kid, and then a gritty guitar theme for Buddy before handing things over to the Red Elvises again. Dividing the score between the two is unfair, but appropriate, because unlike some movies where the score and soundtrack don't fit, with one dropping the load and the other stealing the show (such as for "Spider-man 2", where Danny Elfman's score outshines the lackluster songs), the songs and score for "Six-String Samurai" work together wonderfully, even though they each have their own halves (the Red Elvises dominate the first half, while the second half is mostly Brian Tyler score cues.) Don't look for anything of granduer though. This album is set right to the film, even including dialogue snippets from time to time. The Red Elvises specialize in surf tunes, with the occasional jazzy bit here and there, while Brian Tyler takes their surfer style and matches it to the guitars used in most post-Morricone western tunes, but never does it turn into an orchestral bit. I'm tempted to call this soundtrack an aquired taste, however, most people love to have fun, and as the Red Elvises' song "Jerry's Got the Squeeze Box" evidences, that's what this soundtrack wants to promote: Have fun, with twang and sword.

1. United States Of Russia - Six String Samurai, Red Elvises, Brian Tyler
2. Neverland - Brian Tyler
3. Love Pipe - Red Elvises
4. A Mother's Hand/Buddy - Brian Tyler
5. Fly Away Little Butterfly... - Six String Samurai, Brian Tyler
6. Kill 200 Men - Six String Samurai
7. Boogie On The Beach - Red Elvises
8. I Do Not Like Rock And Roll - Six String Samurai
9. Hungarian Dance #5 - Red Elvises
10. Arrowed Kid/Bowlers On The Floor - Six String Samurai
11. Rock N' Rolling Ourselves To Death/Jerry's Got The Squeeze Box - Six String Samurai, Red Elvises
12. Lonely Highway Of Love/Scorchie Chornie - Six String Samurai, Red Elvises
13. My Darling Lorraine - Red Elvises
14. Astro - Brian Tyler
15. Follow The Yellow Brick Road/Leech - Six String Samurai, Red Elvises
16. See You Around Kid/Siberia - Six String Samurai, Red Elvises
17. Good Golly Miss Molly - Red Elvises
18. My Love Is Killing Me - Red Elvises
19. Sacred Funeral - Brian Tyler
20. Relentless Sun - Brian Tyler
21. Over The Hill - Brian Tyler
22. Bring His Guitar To Me/Sahara Burn - Six String Samurai, Brian Tyler
23. A Boy And His Spirit - Brian Tyler
24. If You were Me You'd Be Good Looking/Surfing In Siberia - Six String Samurai, Red Elvises
25. Dragging A Fallen Hero - Brian Tyler
26. Nice Tuxedo/Showdown At Not Okay Corral - Six String Samurai, Brian Tyler
27. Bend Before The Ways Of Heavy Metal/Dueling Guitars - Six String Samurai, Brian Tyler
28. Dream March - Brian Tyler
29. The Great Battle - Brian Tyler
30. End Of A Hero/Finale - Brian Tyler
31. On My Way To Vegas - Brian Tyler




Anonymous said...

great comp, thanks bossman!

1Surfrider said...

"Labels: spagetti, surf"

Two of my favorite flavors!

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gahndalph said...

Part two seems to have expired due to inactivity- any chance of re-upping?

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