Saturday, January 5, 2008

Impala - Night Full of Sirens

In my opinion, Impala was one of the greatest, and easily the most underrated of the recent instrumental surf revivalists – hailing from Memphis, Tn, no less. This is an outstanding compendium of their best pieces. Slow, sensuous, sleazy sax over the fast pulse of a great rhythm section. Exotic, melodic guitar riffs instead of the usual tube-amp thrash that tries to pass itself off as surf these days. This album creates a beautifully sleazy, neon-lit pulsating world. What a great way to start a new year!

1. Ltd A Go Go 2. Mr. Here 3. Taos Pueblo 4. Experiment In Terror / Stalkin'
5. Hell Of A Woman 6. Odalisque 7. Ronnie And The Renegades
8. Wild Night At The Bloody Bucket 9. Last Tango In Turrell
10. Anna Vienna 11. Incident On The 10Th Floor 12. The Hearse
13. King Louie Stomp 14. Nothing More Than Murder 15. Penetration
16. Venus Flytrap 18. Epilogue 19. Squad Car 20. Tomb Of The Tupelo Twin
21. Blue Light Of Capricorn 22. Night Full Of Sirens 23. Herculanium
24. Rope Of Sand 25. Choctaw 26. Jet Action Brunette 27. Cozy Corner 28. The Scratch 29. Makin' It 30. Amarillo




brandonio said...

DaBoss, You must have been reading my mind.I was looking for this comp just days ago.The main reason the song "Amarillo",it as you may know is the one song not found on any of Impala's other release's. I will concur with you in your comment about the band being underrated. They have and will always be one of my favorite instro bands of all time. It is a shame the band doesn't make records anymore. Their myspace page says they are getting back together, but that site is a little dated and I get the feeling things didn't pan out(PLEASE LET ME BE WRONG) Well they left us with some classic recordings none the less. LONG LIVE IMPALA!!!

DaBoss said...

What can I say -- great minds. Tru and I go through this all the time -- it's almost a race to see who can post something first. He's spoiled ;-) 3 post ideas already from me so I'm ever vigilant. Have fun with the new stuff, as always you'll get a mix of the classic and the cutting edge with a little spicy surprises thrown in for good measure.

Brian from Ohio said...

Great posts Bossman. By the way, I'm puffing a Camacho Negro. You need to try one if you like strong maduros.

DaBoss said...

Love all things dark and spicy! will give it a try - thanks for da tip.

John Trashe said...

I'm completely in agreement with you, now that i have listened many contemporary surf bands, I have convinced that only a few bands are distinguished of the remainder, this is the case of Impala. Good taste man

Thanks for this one, i did not have it.

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Thomas Kyhn said...

Really great tracks these! Only a shame with the production, terrible drum + bass sound.

Mr. Trashe said...

any chance to repost? i lost them, i'll apreciated the help


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