Friday, January 25, 2008

Senor Coconut - Fiesta Songs

Uwe Schmidt continues to explore the line between sincere music philosophy and comical exercise with his Señor Coconut project. While his breakthrough El Baile Alemán album brought to life the idea of a traditional Latin band covering the songs of Kraftwerk to amusing yet intellectual effect, Fiesta Songs does the same to pop hits such as "Smoke on the Water," "Riders on the Storm," and "Beat It" with less finesse but still fun results. An extravaganza of sound and festive energy that will pump new life into your sound system pronto. A highly amusing and entertaining arrangement of voice and spiced up instruments, not to mention the wonderful little surprises like Martin Gore influences.

1. Smoke On The Water 2. Negra Mi Chachacha 3. Riders On The Storm
4. Smooth Operator 5. El Rey De Las Galletas 6. Oxygene Part II
7. Blue Eyes 8. Las Maracas De Machin 9. Beat It 10. Electrolatino
11. Humo En El Agua


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