Friday, January 18, 2008

Pimp My Band 1 -- The Treblemakers

This is a new section at the Lounge -- Zak Izbinsky of the Treblemakers left a comment on a prior post that got me thinking of this. He is the third music maker who has left a positive comment. So--as a thank you -- here is the The Treblemakers Vs. The Doomsday Device with Zak on the guitar.

Here is how the conversation went:
Zak: If you like the Bomboras, you should check out the Treblemakers, a great Canadian surf/garage band with a prominent Farfisa organ sound and some fuzz guitar along with the reverb.

Brandonio: And Zak would be from the Treblemakers yes? Your so totally busted dude. Zak Izbinsky folks out self promoting his band, shameless (yes) has a point good(yes). Zak dude no need to boost your band to me, your album "The Treblemakers versus The Doomsday Device"is a modern classic in my book. Any way It's cool that you could stop by and and say hi.

Here you go -- The Treblemakers are supposedly coming out with a new one this year -- until then - enjoy.

1 Waiting for the Apocalypse 2 The Great White Lunch Hour
3 Exploding Bikers from Hocheloga 4 Freakshow 5 Rubber Dukies
6 Lawnmower Drag 7 Organ Failure 8 Seven Seconds to Perfection
9 The Sheriff of Chinatown 10 The Lonesome Cretin 11 Ebola
12 Countdown at Ground Zero 13 The Shmirnoff Conspiracy
14 The Dentures in Space 15 Squarewave


1 comment:

brandonio said...

I'am laughing so hard now i can barely type. Let's hope the Treblemakers new album does actually make it to the surface.

Pimp my band 1(haha)

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