Friday, January 25, 2008

The Moon Rays - Thrills and Chills

Surfing, monsters and spies...if they ever decide to re-make any of the old Frankie and Annette beach movies, throw in The Creature From the Black Lagoon and spy girl Stephanie Powers to fight him off you'd have the groundwork for a Moon-Rays soundtrack. Spy-Fi at it's best.

I really, really, really, enjoyed this CD the first time I put it on. I like it even more with repeated listening. The thing thats different about "Thrills and Chills" is the variety of themes woven into this recording. It goes from spooky 60's flavored Halloween tunes to 50's exotica, to ear blasting surf and then to spy jazz. But it works!!! Totally different styles but they all blend perfectly into the same genre. I've bought a lot of CD's that have tried to do the same thing but thyese guys pull it off with panasche! My only complaint is with the 11 tracks it should have been longer. I WANT MORE!

1.1313 Mockingbird Lane 2. Shot in the Dark 3. Hypnotique/ Our Man Flint 4. Beat Girl 5. The Bat 6. Shockwave 7. Twang 8. Bonzai Pipeline 9. Lament for a Trapped Spy 10. Run Spy Run 11. Experiment in Terror /"Theme from Creature Features"


brandonio said...

I really like this band.They seem to have covered alot of my favorites from the genre.It's good to know you can put on a disc and not have to worry about some dud of a song coming on. I can see why you like this so much.Enough cannot be said about a solid album.

Jorge said...

I cannot leave your blog before I thank you for your good posts.

drelefun said...

This material would make a tea totaller want to have a martini. Anyone care to join me?

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