Saturday, December 15, 2007

Urban Surf Kings -- Live in Hell

Canada's East Coast instro-nuts, URBAN SURF KINGS, features Rev Hank Mumps on guitar, Crash Flagg on bass, and Inky on drums. Heralding from Halifax, Nova Scotia, the 10 year old band combines the surf sounds of the 60's with Atomic Age sci-fi, B-movie Horror, Mancini Mania, and plenty of espresso. While staying in the surf envelope aurally throughout, the ingenious alternations of melody styles between surf and alien sound track themes adds to the coolness of this live show. Fans of Man or Astroman? Will love this.

Journey to the Stars 2. Seven Faces of Dr. Surf 3. Twister 4. Radar Range 5. Moment of Truth 6. Mojave Hadji 7. Twisted Brain 8. Moncton Stomp! 9. Star Wars 10. Diamond Head 11. Surf Kings Stomp! 12. Invisible Ray 13. Legend of Bog Road 14. 7 Veils a Go Go 15. Radarmen from the Moon 16. Kookie's Comb 17. Espresso Twist 18. James Bond 19. Misirlou




Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mega surf post George, all good stuff

DaBoss said...

You are welcome. Thanks for letting me know the goodies are appreciated, I hope others will add their comments too.

Brandonio! said...

daboss, hey buddy sorry i've been missing in action lately. My friends Lectible and Rockabilly Kid have started up a new blog site called Rock Is Dead/R.I.P. it features out of print music. We have several genre's going up on the site everything from rockabilly, blues, surf, hard rock,ect. you know all the good stuff. I hope to invited you and everyone to the site.My friends got so exicted by what was going on over here and other sites we decited we should join in on the fun too. Being music maniacs ourselves we had to share to the blogger world also. I would like to stay onboard and also contribute to the Fat City site, because I have some really great Instro music that would fit better over here if you know what i mean.
Happy Holidays! your site is already linked.

DaBoss said...

Brandonio -- checked out your site -- WAY COOL! Lots of good stuff -- I have a couple of out of print Ventures two-fers that I can share over there if you want them.

Always welcome to keep contributing over here, your wit, charm and vast musical knowledge add spice the Fat City vibe and we love ya for it. Glad you got the bug -- that's what happened to me with RYP and Eek. Sharity is a great disease to share.

On the sad side -- my best friend's father died yesterday after a nasty bout of cancer, so I'm dealing with that and holiday crush so I may not be able to update for a bit. Will link when can and post -- EVIL FUZZ -- just for you, good buddy.
Happy Holidays. Keep listening and sharing.

joc666 said...

Hee DaBoss, great blog you got here.
I really like surf instro on a sunny afternoon. And even in Holland the sun is shining all day now.

Could you please re-up "Urban Surf Kings - Live in Hell", links are dead.

Keep up the good work.

1.FCN said...

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