Saturday, December 15, 2007

Surf Cinema

Surf Cinema is a non-traditional surf-instrumental-soundtrack band with a collage of surf, beach party, spy movie, car crash, western, sitcom, kitsch, and clay-mation clips to project live on stage behind the band to form "Surf Cinema". It's a slight twist from traditional surf and a bit more visually entertaining. They have played with Dick Dale, The Red Elvises, and live on Phil Dirt's: Surf's Up radio program on KFJC although the video was none to spectacular on air. Intoxicating instrumentals with a spy feel. Recommended. There's even a Christmas song to keep you going.

1 Flemgringo 2 Zippy to the Rescue 3 Unbundled
4 Sticky Finger Sunset 5 Pale Face Hombre 6 Honeybaked Ham 7 Dos, Dos Equis Por Favor
8 Harlem By The Sea 9 He No Lickety Split 10 Prague Rock 11 Dead Pedestrian
12 Ricko Suave 13 Strait Up Chuck 14 Country-fied 15 Quarter Pump 16 Bullfight In April
17 Sleigh Ride


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