Friday, December 21, 2007

Diplomats of Solid Sound - Let's Cool One

What is it? All instrumental rock/funk/surf beats and riffs, but with an emphasis on improvisation. The prominent Hammond organ sounds the way only a Hammond can and the guitar has that classic chunkiness that's so retro that it's hip. These guys are great musicians, but without overplaying - just grooving. Most of the tunes follow a jazz form: a groove-oriented head, a bridge, a few solos, then the head again. I'd expect to see this in the Jazz section because of the improvisation, but the sound is all rock. Check out Destination Get Down! at my buddy Trustar Vibrations for more band info and funky licks and crab some other great goodies while you are there. Tell him DaBoss sent ya!

Cuber Baker 2. Who's Got the Grady? 3. You Can Make It If You Try 4. Swamp Chomp 5. Shadow of Your Soul 6. Ribsticker 7. My Place BBQ 8. Pistol Allen 9. Don't Touch My Popcorn 10. Escape from Shantytown 11. Clyde the Glide 12. Plush Club



Trustar said...

Yo, Georgie!

Thx for the plug my friend. I have Instrumental Action Soul if you need it too.

Boy, your hot tonight! Nice round.

Have a great holiday Big Boss Man

The Trustar Clan

Anonymous said...

thanks for this... good stuff.

DaBoss said...

All are welcome - happy holidays -- a few more posts then holiday break.

1Surfrider said...

DoSS are Boss, no doubt. More would be great.

Merry Christmas to all and hoping that 2007 runs smoother than 2008!!!

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