Friday, December 21, 2007

The Hypnomen - Trip With Satan

From Helsinki, Finland, The Hypnomen can best be described as a massive dance floor filling, organ grinding, rockin' soul extravaganza. Musically, they create a technicolor mindtrip, filled with groovy beats, far-out sounds and flashes of times yet to come. Pure instrumentals filled with smoking surfy guitars, Hammond organs and wicked beats laced with a hot percusive back-beat. Highlights include: "Need No Doctor", "Dance With The Devil", "(I Wanna Get Back From) Trip With Satan", "Jethead", and "Tangerine Blue". If you liked the Watusi 99 CD, you're gonna love this EP. I strongly recommend both releases. Get your groove on, baby.

1. Need No Doctor 2. Hush 3. Sunstroke Dreamer
4. Dance with the Devil 5. Mike the Malo 6. (I Wanna Get Back From) Trip With Satan
7. Jethead 8. Tangerine Blue


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