Saturday, December 15, 2007

Terry "Buffalo" Ware -- Ridin' The Reverb Range

Surf music from Oklahoma? Well, not exactly. Ware incorporates elements of surf (which has become a catch-all for any instrumental twang), but his palette is much broader. For instance, the majestic "Galactic Orphan" is subtitled "Meek's Shadow," and hearkens back to England's pre-Beatles scene with Hank Marvin's Shadows and producer Joe Meek's spacey effects, while "Me And Mr. Z" is decidely unsurfy, recalling funky '70's jazz. Having played in a succession of bands since 1965, Terry Ware is no stranger to the scene. Based out of Norman, Oklahoma, this veteran guitarist is incredible, and that's an understatement. Terry's latest album, "Ridin' The Reverb Range," yields one striking instrumental after another. The disc exposes just how adept he is at performing an olio of different styles while still managing to parent a distinctive sound.

Splashed with dense structures, full-bodied melodies, and a rhythm section that's telepathically linked, tracks like "Bob Goes to Spy School," "Galactic Orphan (Meek's Shadow)" and "Buster's Panic" are first-rate surf rock specimens. Possessing the ability to make his guitar produce colors and emotions, Terry certainly has a mean set of chops. Each note he plucks resonates with personality. A cover of Dusty Springfield's "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" shimmers and glimmers with beauty and grace, the rough and raucous "Buffaroo (Homage To Don Rich)" assumes a purebred hillbilly posture, and "Belmont Blues" adds a bout of soulful organ grooves to the party.

An evoctave sountrack in search of a movie. David Lynch and Quentin Tarrentino should check Buffalo out. Dan Forte Vintage Guitar Magazine

So should you. You will love this with leather and rubber. Guaranteed. Don't be shy. Get it good.

1 Galactic Orphan (Meek's Shadow) 2 Belmont Blues 3 Snownado 4 The Passion
5 Clear Bay Glide 6 Me And Mr. Z 7 Chopper/Fender Bender 8 Desert Solitaire
9 Buffaroo (Homage to Don Rich) 10 Buster's Panic 11 You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
12 Bob Goes To Spy School



churchkey said...

Any chance of posting a new link for Ridin' the Reverb Range?

I just discovered this blog.
What a great discovery it is!
I would never had heard of a lot of these artists or been able to buy their cds if i hadn't stumbled upon this site.
I love instro music especially of the surf persuasion.
Keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

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