Saturday, December 8, 2007

Tango Saloon

Hungry for some new musical tastes? Still want something a little bit familiar with a twist? The Tango genre is explored, violated, and blended with Country and everything else from Jazz, Cuban Classical Chamber, Improvisation to Experimental Electronics. Danny Heifitz of Mr Bungle on drums and percussion. Tango Saloon are led by guitarist/bassist/keyboardist Julian Curwin, who manages to combine two of his biggest influences together -- tango master Astor Piazzolla and Ennio Morricone’s spaghetti Western scores. The result is something that is a musical breath of fresh air in the often foul-smelling state of modern popular music. Very few vocals are heard here (the track "Libertango" is an exception), which results in Tango Saloon sounding akin to a movie score at times. But what a movie score it would be, as evidenced by such standouts as "Overture," "Upon a Time," and "March of the Big Shoe." That said, the second half of the disc may lose a few listeners, especially the perhaps too-experimental "Man with the Bongos," while the horns on "The Little Plan That Could" tend to get a bit too "nails on the blackboard." But overall, Tango Saloon is an unexpected (and much needed) break from the musical norm. Very recommended to the musically adventurous.

1. Overture 2. Tango Saloon 1 3. Upon A Time 4. Libertango 5. March Of The Big Shoe
6. Carol 7. Intermission 8. Man With The Bongos 9. The Little Plane That Could
10. Scusi 11. La Calle 12. Tango Saloon 2 13. Formaggio 14. Still I Cannot Do The Tango



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