Saturday, December 1, 2007

Fullblown - Agents of Entropy - Spy - Fi

Another killer band no one has really heard of -- Formed in 1996 by Dave Goldberg (vocals/guitar/keyboards), John Kestner (guitar), Mike Tulis (bass), and Eric Ernst, the quartet of Fullblown woke up its state of Nebraska with a punk influence of surf and rockabilly. Nice gritty and surfy guitar sound with creepy organ and driving drums. The set is about 2/3’s instrumental with the rest vocals. Dave Golberg's punky vocals are almost incongruous with the surf/garage/rockabilly coming from the rest of the band, yet, for Fullblown, the combination works perfectly. More of that back alley spy –fi feel. WAY recommended.

1. Ghoul's the Rule 2. Down With Slavery 3. Doctor's Daughter 4. Could be Disaster 5. Hail Damage 6. Scene One 7. Negative Nine 8. Venganza Insaciable 9. Death by Sodomy 10. Soul Prison 11. Nubian Lust 12. The Perfect Setting


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mtulis said...

I was the bass player for Fullblown. I'm pleasantly surprised/flattered to see your positive review of our second CD, "Agents of Entropy". Fullblown primarily played shows in Nebraska and Iowa; on rare occasions we made it to Missouri and Illinois. I'm curious as to how you obtained a copy of the CD. All members of the band continue to reside in Omaha, but are engaged in other projects. For those who are curious, more information about Fullblown can be found at:

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