Friday, December 21, 2007

Pollo Del Mar - The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

1999 & second album by surf instro band from San Francisco who also throw in hints of art rock, psychedelia & Latin vibes into their reverb-drenched mix. They don't play '50s-flavored surf rock; they play high psychedelic surf rock, circa 1967-68. You'll hear elements of the Mermen's lushness, Quicksilver Messenger Service's crystalline double-lead-guitar counterpoint, and Neil Young's rich fuzz tone. Every band-- surf or other-- needs something that makes them stand out from the crowd. Pollo Del Mar's "thing" appears to be MOODINESS. There's something spooky in the 10 tracks on this CD that inspires nervousness as much as enjoyment. From "Annabelle Lee" (named after the Edgar Allen Poe poem) to "Apache '99" (a cover of the classic song by the British band The Shadows) it's one cool recording after another. A surprise for me was "The Saracen Gift", based (more-or-less) on "The Little Drummer Boy". Features renowned Herb Alpert impersonator Jab (from the band HERB) guesting on two tracks. Pollo Del Mar have appeared on the Herb Alpert tribute 'Surfin' Senorita'.

For more Pollo Del Mar, also check out REEF MADNESS!, which contains "Death Valley Daze" (not found here). The DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA is a perfect "soundtrack" for swimming underwater-- just after your ship has gone down!
1. Annabelle Lee 2. Cutlass Supreme 3. South Of The Border 4. Jonny Foo-Ninja Chiropractor
5. Devil's Slide 6. Consuela's Revenge 7. Moon Over Marin 8. The Saracen Gift
9. Rt. 666 10. Apache 99


Eek The Cat said...

Hey my Good Friend,

I just HAD to say something when I read the reference to Quicksilver! Back in the mid seventies, I had the opportunity to run the light show for Quicksilver one night in Jackson Mississippi. It's a long story, but one of the highlights of my life back then!

And I thank you deeply for the quality of this post! The 320K makes such a great difference!

It's VERY good to talk to you again!

Long Ashes to you, DB :>}


Brandonio! said...

Link to this is dead could you please re-up?
I know someone who wants this album. Thanks

Diana Puzuzi said...

I was looking for pollo del mar's music desperately, sadly i had not found any, is just that in you tube is so uber kewl.

This blog were the only place i found this album and the link is broken :(, but anyway checked the entire block is pretty awesome!, following you :3

Anyway if you plan to reupload the album that would be lovely

Diana Puzuzi said...

this is to inform you i found the album, it was kind of hard but sounds lovely. Can i post a mirror in here? or..

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