Friday, December 21, 2007

Evil Fuzz - The Davie Allan Tribute

For Brandonio: Here you go good buddy!

A killer collection of various solo performers and groups from around the world, paying tribute via their versions of Allan's past recordings. Not a dog in the bunch! Nuff said!

1. Action on the Street 2. Angel with a Devil's Heart 3. Blue's Theme 4. Bongo Party 5. Born Losers Theme 6. Born Losers Theme/Polyurethane 7. Chopper/Fender Bender 8. Corridor of Fear 9. Cycle-Delic 10. Dark Alley 11. Encounter 12. Fuzz Theme/Grungy 13. Gunslinger 14. Invasion of the Body Surfers 15. Left Turn on Arrow Only 16. Little Big Horn 17. Mind Transferral 18. Oleaje 19. Rebel (Without a Cause) 20. Shapes of Things to Come 21. Surf Trek 22. Theme from the Unknown 23. Tomahawk 24. Unknown Rider 25. White Man Beware




DaBoss said...

Hi all:
A fast note -- there is a manufacturing defect in the source so there will be two small chirps of extra distortion in some of the cuts. Of course, with Davie Allan fuzz what's a bit more distortion going to hurt? Will do one more post before the holidays then will take off for a bit. Enjoy them yourself with family friends and good music.

brandonio said...

Thanks Daboss, this is makes a really great christmas gift. I love every song on here.There are plenty of new acts to check out for further listening. I'am really surprised they didn't add The Vice Barons to this tribute though, that band is no longer exist's it's true.Yet they are probably the most influenced by Davie's magic than anybody I can recall.Overall this is an amazing tribute.I'll be listening to this for sometime time now.

DaBoss said...

Brandonio -- you are welcome as always. I have items by almost every group represented in this -- -- as usual some are more skilled than others -
I posted the Brainwashers early this month - pick it up if you have not done so already. How'z about getting in touch with me on the other address and let's see if we can put togehter a nice post from stuff each of us has to really kick off the New Year Week.

Mats Hagberg said...

hi ther
i'm a swedish guy and i have watch the angels movies....i love DA music and i never heard this.
thanks very much

Jimmy Jazz said...


This looks really interresting & I'd love to check it out but the link has expired. Any chance of re-uploading it somewhere? If you could, it'd be much appreciated.



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