Saturday, December 8, 2007

Davie Allan - Restless in L.A.

What can be said about Davie Allan and the Arrows that most of you are not already fimiliar with. The man is a legend of astounding magnatudes. The man has been grinding and whaling his guitar since the mid-60's .Lending his talents to numerous biker flicks sometimes not getting credit for his music (thanks to Curb records honcho Mike Curb)and probably didn't see much money either. In the past decade or so Davie has seen a huge surge in popularity amongst surf instro fanatics across the globe, even though it's widely known surf per say has never been Davie's over all sound. What Mr. Allan contributed to the music scene was a little thing called Fuzz guitar, not only the sound ,but the way he delivered it to a song. After listening to his music and to have a understanding of the mechanics of how a guitar is played,one can almost assume Davie Allan was born with a whammy bar in his hand.This album is classic Arrows music in every form accept for one thing( a vocal) yes you heard me right the band takes a stab at one of my personal favorites, 60's garage rock classic "I had to much to dream (last night)" by The Electric Prunes.Bassist and multi instrumentalist Bruce Wagner lends his vox and totally kills it . The band even does some reworking of some other classics of their own tunes like "Theme from the wild angels" and "The loud, the loose and the savage" get evil make overs. this is a must for all instro fanatics. Just promise me one thing when you give this a spin [Turn It Up LOUD!!!!]
served by Brandonio

1.The Toxic Terror 2. Kick Back 3. I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) 4. Quiver 5. Energized 6. The Loud, The Loose And The Savage 7. Wicked Woman 8. Theme From The Wild Angels 9. Arrow Highway 10. Restless In L.A. 11. The Stranger 12. On The Surface 13. Guitarra Triste 14. Demente


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Mookie said...

thank you for this and all davie allan. he's inspired me to put down the piano (actually it's too heavy to lift) and pick up the guitar - with fuzz box attached, of course! great site - thanks

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