Friday, June 12, 2009

SSSU - Jet Sound Inc.

1. The Lizard 2. 4th Gear Left Hand Corner 3. The Pool Scene 4. Snakecharmer 5. C For Cobra 6. Vampire Walk 7. Harlem Nightdrive 8. Kowalski 9. Emerald Coast 10. The Drunken Camel 11. 36 In The Shade 12. Nightclub 13. Nassau Shake Down 14. The Birdman

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Lee Joseph said...

Hi - this is Lee from Dionysus Records - ALL of the Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited albums are IN PRINT - avalible from iTunes, eMusic, Amazon - and on CD - all but the first two are avalible on vinyl and those two will see LP re-releases this year - I pay royalties to the duo for their sales - we would appreciate if you take down these downloads ASAP

Lee Joseph - Dionysus Records

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