Friday, June 5, 2009

Flabby - Modern Tunes For Everybody

Modern Tunes For Everybody consists of various lounge/jazz/soul interpretations from the voices of Pellechhia Rosary, Fabrizio Fiore and Andrea De Saturday. Leave it to the Italians for perking up a party. Super happy funky light modern lounge – could be serious radio play – if there were such a thing for lounge. Cheek – A –Boom is politely racy, Diggy Doggy Doo will stick in your head and drive you and everyone else around you nuts, and Mambo Italiano ’98 is a peppy version of the classic. Goofy fun for all.

Intro 2. Cheek-A-Boom 3. Diggy Doggy Doo 4. Everybody Loves Me 5. Mambo Italiano '98 6. Round & Round 7. Miss You All The Time Parole Parole 8. Blue Song 9. Jazz 4 Two 10. Come Back To Me 11. Wake Up 12. Flabby's Groove 13. Everybody Loves Me Re-Mix 14. Diggy Doggy Doo Re-Mix

flbby 1

flbby 2

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